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                I am getting lots of phone calls lately from various people, and they all want to know what is going on with our market now and also what the near future will be.

               In this news letter,  you will find a few opinions of mine, and I welcome you to send me an e-mail to give us your view also.

                What is the market now?

Business is very lousy in the US market, and this can mostly be blamed on perception and the big picture – the economy is not good, people are losing jobs and fighting to pay their daily bills. Second, the instability of material prices also contributes to the business stand-still. Most of us know the psychology of buying high and selling low – we are our worst enemy – the greed motivates us to buy stock or real estate when they are up, and fear rushes us to sell and take the loss when the price starts to drop. I am seeing the same event happening in our textile market – a few groups took advantage and controlled the market to create a momentum for the supply shortage–factories and vendors couldn’t get enough supply and started to book more future orders and this created a steep price hike. But the reality is there is enough material, perhaps too much – the price was so high it had a negative impact on the market. So some suppliers have started to dump the goods regardless of their price. This has created huge problems for the market, and the real producing and market prices are not being evenly played and coordinated. After all, however, I believe the market is always working in its way to fix the balance; I think only when the pricing becomes stable will business be more stable.

                What we are looking at in the near future?

                I believe the business environment will be better as the market runs its course and once the price is more stabilized. Also I believe we will be looking at more alternative fibers which are environmentally friendly or eco friendly and there will be more alternatives to choose from for retailers, designers and manufacturers. Below are some links from last Sunday’s LA Times, and I think it is worthwhile to share with you:   

a gentler cotton article
Cotton that’s kinder to the planet
Source: latimes.com

Leather, tulle and silk may be the stuff of runway dreams, but when it comes to most U.S. apparel, cotton is king. Almost 75% of clothing sold in the U.S. contains at least some of the tufty fiber, according to the 2010 Cotton Inc. Retail Monitor, a survey of mass retailers.



Beyond cotton: Which alternative fabrics are eco-friendly?
Source: latimes.com

Much as they’re trumpeted by so-called eco-designers, plant-based alternatives to cotton are a minuscule piece of the fashion puzzle. Dwarfed by cotton and synthetics such as polyester, spandex and rayon, textiles made from flax, wood pulp, hemp and bamboo make up less than 2% of the market. But that percentage is growing due to consumer and corporate demand, as well as technological advancements that make natural fibers easier to transform into wearable fabrics.

Fabrics at a glance
Source: latimes.com




What is new from us?

                We are still concentrating on linen and linen blends, bamboo and bamboo blends, organic cotton blends, tencel and tencel blends, hemp and hemp blends, and also supima cotton/micro modal blends, triblends, triblend w/slubs, silk blends and cashmere blends, etc.

                We are looking at new fiber cupra and its blend, also we are experimenting with cationic poly and blends, acrylic and blends. We are re-visiting Sorona fiber and its blends, and start to bring in lower gauge sweater knit yarns, etc.

                 If you have any interest for any of the above groups, please do call us and we will be happy to answer your questions. You can also go to our inventory (password: sundragon) and check out our updated product lists.

                Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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