A Happy Holiday Season to All

Dear subscriber,


      The holiday season is coming again, and I want to take this chance to wish you all a happy holiday season!


      This year has been a difficult year for many of us, but I also think it is a year for opportunity, creativity, and future prosperity.

      I would like to tell you a little about what we have concentrated on and what is in our pipeline, and also explain the core philosophy of our business:



ECO-Friendly Group:


Tencel and blends – Well known for its ECO-friendly way of making the product, and its strong, drapery, soft hand characteristic.


We carry Tencel A-100 in 30/1. 40/1, 50/1 and 60/1, also we are just starting to introduce Micro Tencel LF product (please call if you are interested). Tencel/cotton blends, Tencel/silk blends


Micro modal – With the extra soft feel of this product, it is perfect for lingerie or any fashion wear for layer or cover.


We carry 30/1, 40/1 and 50/1 siro micro modal and supima cotton/micro modal

(50/50) blends on natural and heather greys, also silk/micro

modal blends, cashmere/m.modal blends and wool/m.modal blends.


Viscose Bamboo and blends – There is a lot of talk about Viscose Bamboo, which is not an eco-friendly product due to the viscose process. I disagree with that.  I think it all comes down to how you recycled your plant after you processed it. If bamboo fiber producers have good recycling procedures for their waste produced, and it passes the required regulations, it can be considered an ECO- friendly product. We strive to ensure that all of our producers comply with eco-friendly standards. And be assured that bamboo raw material itself can be certified as organic. With the natural ability of anti-bacterial and softness, this is a great product for sportswear, yoga wear and socks.


We carry viscose bamboo, bamboo/combed cotton (70/30) and bamboo/organic cotton (70/30), sorona/bamboo (40/60) blends. We are testing a new fiber blend with bamboo and it is called honey combed/bamboo (40/60). Honey combed fiber is supposed to simulate a cotton hand feel, and also cotton wet absorption. So with this new blend, it will be great to use in sportswear gear for anti-bacterial and quick sweat absorption.


Linen and blends – these natural fibers not only feel good when you wear them, they also have a special dye ability it has a great fashionable look.


We carry linen/rayon blend, linen/cotton blend, linen/silk blend, and linen/poly blend


Hemp and blends – it has similar characteristic as linen fiber.


We carry viscose hemp 100% (it has great soft hand and brilliant color when dyeing), traditional hemp/organic cotton blends.


RPET and blends – RPET is from recycled plastic bottles


We carry RPET 100%, RPET/Organic cotton, and RPET/combed cotton



Triblend for textured look and vintage look group:


We continue to concentrate on creating fashion with putting different fiber blends, or putting textured look on the yarns (like various slub patterns or special ways to make yarns), so after dyeing and finishing the fabric will have the unique textured look or it will allow the designer to use their imagination to combine yarns to make the final products as they want.


We carry triblend P/C/R (50/38/12) blend on natural (for dyeing any colors), and also ash, Heather grey, charcoal, denim navy, and oatmeal colors (these colors also allow us to overdye or use burn out or stripes or whatever finisher is desired for the unique look). We also have slub yarns on these blends as well (texture on top of texture, to give the dimensional look and feel).



Special stripes and nep yarns:


We have various selections of yarns with stripe and nep look after dyeing, and they are actually multi-tone look, so it is a dimensional look and textured feel. They are great for creating any fashion you can imagine.


We carry stripes and neps on P/C, P/C/R blends and also P/R blends (please call and ask to get a detailed look for what you want, or go to inventory on our website www.sundragonimport.com with password Sundragon)



Space dye, and yarn dyed:


We special make colors with yarn dyed in cotton, rayon, poly or any of their blends. Please call us for details.



      I am looking forward to the next year of adventure, and I want to thank you very much for the support and business that you have given to us through this difficult year of 2011.  We are looking forward to your continued support, and I promise you we will try our best to make you happy!


Best Regards,


Qing Duncan


Sun Dragon Import, Inc

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