2023 Reflections and Looking Ahead

I am sitting in front of my desk and reviewing 2023 the day after Christmas. I am grateful we have overcome a difficult year.

2023 was a very challenging year for many of my customers and ourselves due to massive inventories, high inflation, high interest rates, and low activity in manufacturing and consuming.  I have seen many businesses closing, and many businesses have laid off workers due to not enough business. On a macro view, the instability of the world due to war and political conflicts did not help any of our business, too. What to do in 2024? The Fed is indicating an interest rate cut during the summer of next year, which should ease things a little bit. But the fundamental situation is still cloudy at this point. My prediction for 2024 is better than this year. I don’t think we will have a recession, but a recovery will be starting by summer of next year. With that in mind, Sun Dragon will continuingly offer the sustainable yarns and specialty fabrics to our USA market. Would you like to know more about our product lines and inventories? Please email to info@sundragonimport.com, and we will respond to your requests.

At the end of 2023, I wish you and your business a prosperous new year!



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