Hemp and Blends –

With CBD legalized in many states in the USA, we see an increased trend of companies buying hemp and blend yarns and fabrics. We offer traditional hemp blends as well as viscose hemp and blends. The advantage to using hemp fiber here is that it is natural (traditional hemp) and eco-sustainable fiber (viscose hemp fiber). They all have anti-bacterial nature, and they are strong enough to have a variety of uses, such as fashion or medical/consumer use. Viscose hemp yarn has a shiny look due to the crystal structure of its fiber, but it also feels drape and soft, making it perfect for many women/men’s wear.

Linen and Blends –

We are continuing to have great demand for linen and blends yarns and fabrics. These are my favorite group of fabrics for clothing wear, as they are not only comfortable to wear, but also look very fashionable.

Bamboo and Blends –

We continue to offer a variety of viscose Bamboo products. All bamboo fibers we used are organic and sustainable, and they have great anti-bacterial properties and softness. This makes bamboo fabrics perfect for yoga wear/socks/underwear/sleepwear.

Tencel and Blends –

We are concentrating on offering various products of Tencel and blends. Tencel is an eco-friendly fiber with a close loop production process. It has an unusual crystal structure, which makes it very strong with great drape and a shiny look. This make it perfect for dress/outerwear/fashion wear.

Recycled cotton and Blends –

We use pre-production left over cotton fiber materials and blend them with other fibers to make them useful fabrics. Also, each blend has a unique character, so it represents new fashion too.